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Benjoni Palmtech Sdn. Bhd. is a leading supplier for biodegradable mulching company, founded in 2008. We are a trusted manufacturer and dealer of biodegradable mulch (Benjoni Mulch®), specifically designed for tree mulching (palm oil, rubber, durian, and landscape) during the early stage of planting. Benjoni Mulch® has successfully expanded its reach across Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Papua New Guinea. We are committed to providing eco-friendly mulch solutions that not only help growers increase their crop yields, but also contribute to a sustainable future. We strive to deliver the best possible products and services to our clients.


Sustaining Agriculture with Biodegradable Mulch

Our Mission

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To promote sustainable agriculture practices by providing innovative, eco-friendly solutions that enhance healthy plant growth.
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We are committed to developing and refining our products to ensure maximum effectiveness and minimize environmental impact.
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Our goal is to empower growers to achieve long-term success while preserving and protecting our natural resources for future generations.

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